Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bad Shellfish

I was sick on Monday. I think I may have contracted mild food poisoning from the barbecue on Saturday afternoon. I took the afternoon off with a stomach ache.

On Tuesday, I only had classes in the morning. I still felt quite bad, but at least I only had to sit in the office for the rest of the afternoon.

Yesterday, Michael and I went out to K-town. With Laurel and Candice, we visited a facility for disabled persons. They appreciated our presence. After lunch, we went to a disadvantaged peoples' workplace, much like the yamabiko that we have attended here in Taisho a couple of times. We helped the people there with their work for a while.

I had a headache and a very sore neck; probably as a result of how sick I was on Monday. Michael and I cut our visit short and ran a couple of errands before heading back to the office (for all of 15 mins before finishing).

After getting home, I slept for a while. I still feel quite weak today, because my energy reserves are quite low; but that's what you get when your immune system works on overdrive.

My last classes for the year for Shouwa chuugakkou were today. Next time I see the students, they will be in the next grade (ie. 2nd years will be 3rd years). I just put together activities for each of the two classes: one was a gameshow of sorts, and the other was a word unscrambling exercise.

There is an enkai tonight that I will be attending. I'm going to make the most of it, despite how low I currently feel.

Tomorrow is a holiday. I'm not sure what I will do during the day (aside from sleeping in). Of course, tomorrow night I will be helping with English practice at Mika's. :)

Kanji learning has come to a standstill. I really want to spend some time reviewing what I have learned. Pacing myself is better than rushing, confusing and unbalanced learning.

Eventually, I will see improvement in my Japanese. In the eight months that I have been here, I have barely learnt to communicate. Who knows, perhaps there will be a sudden change one day? I guess I'll look back but barely remember the learning process or the areas where I most struggled. So many hurdles to overcome, but overcome them I will. Zettai.


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