Saturday, 7 March 2009

Coffee, Cars, Church

I just got home from Kochi city and am making some coffee with my new coffee plunger. I grabbed some random coffee from the supermarket in Aeon mall and it smells quite nice, so I guess I made a good choice. I don't need coffee, seeing as I am still full from our meal; I just want to use my new toy. ;)

Michael and I went to K-town for lunch today, and then headed into the city to do some shopping. Laurel had booked Masala so that a whole lot of JETs could show up. We were having a dinner in celebration of multiple people's birthdays around this time; including mine.

Dinner was great, but we decided not to stick around. I have to get up early tomorrow for church anyway. I am getting a ride into the city with Mika, a Japanese lady that lives in my town and whom I will be spending some time with each week practising conversational Japanese.

We are going to attend a pentecostal church in the city. Laurel is staying in Kochi tonight, so we will pick her up tomorrow once we get into the city, and we will all go to church together. I hope to make this a monthly thing if it works out well. It will be especially doable once I have my own car.

I do have my sights set on getting a Nissan Skyline, but I may have to settle for something like a Sylvia or a Primera. It depends on what bargain I can find; and on my research regarding buying second hand cars in Japan. T'will be a challenge.

Today, I bought three books. The first is Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens. I don't think many Japanese people even know who Charles Dickens was, so I intend to use the book to help civilise (I mean, enlighten) the few people I know who speak English. The second book is a collection of 203 Aesop's Fables. I can just imagine the uses. Thirdly, I got a Jap-Eng / Eng-Jap dictionary. The Japanese is, unfortunately, in romaji (that's English letters rather than Japanese hiragana / katakana). But that's ok, because it also has kanji for a lot of the entries. I just don't like reading Japanese words in romaji because I then review them in my head in romaji and it hinders my reading practice and progress.

My kanji count: 323 now.

Since I have to get up early, I had better go to bed. After my aromatic coffee, of course. :)


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