Monday, 9 March 2009


Laurel, Mika and I attended a pentecostal church in K-city yesterday morning.

In the afternoon, we took Mika's daughter and niece to the zoo. It was free and rather small, but it was interesting to see what few animals they did have. Unfortunately, most of the big animals are in cages that are far too small for them, with lack of room to run around in. I'd like to think that they let them out of the cages after hours to run around Kochi city; but that's just wishful thinking... :(

All he can do is pace

King of the small cage

Monkeys with cool tails

I spy two lemurs

I want to drive one

The park and lake nearby served to keep the girls - and us - occupied for a little more of the afternoon.

Between the zoo and the park

We stopped at two major places on the way home, too: a restaurant to eat dinner; and my favourite store: Yamada Denki. XD

Today, I had classes at two different schools. It isn't often that that happens. It's a bit more tiring than having four periods at one school, because of the travelling and extra preparation. But I enjoy teaching at shougakkou. Kids are great. ^^

I am determined to exercise more. The first step is to get some running shoes. Then, eventually, I will get some weights and an exercise ball to do what I can at home in getting my fitness level up. I've also decided to eat more fruit and vegetables. Tinned pineapple on my cereal just doesn't cut it.

Kanji count: 352. I have a lot to review, though. :(

Bring on conversation practice!


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