Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Jesus Rode on Dinosaurs

I found this blog. Looks interesting. I've added it to the sidebar.

Also, check out this link. We called it Chinese Whispers. But that's probably PI these days, eh. /shrug Who cares. I live in Asia. That means I can say Asian-related stuff, right?

とにかく。。。 ^^

On Monday, I started running. I didn't just buy my Asics running shoes on Saturday to sit in my doorwell and look nice! I will run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Exercising three days a week will work out nicely. I still want to get some dumbells to work on my upper body as well. Together, my exercise regimen will keep me fit and healthy. Then I can get the ladies. XD

It was my last day of school for the (academic) year yesterday; and my only day of school for this week. My legs were a little sore, but not as much as I thought they would be after suddenly going for a run the day before. I also did a fair amount of Japanese study during my afternoon in the office.

Today, I have just been cruising around online, reading stuff and mucking around with World of Warcraft things...

So anyway, my legs are still a bit stiff from Monday's run (see: slow jog). But I will get used to it and eventually feel very good as a result. I am a bit tired today, but nothing short of a broken leg will stop me from running tonight. I also have Japanese practice at Mika's tonight, and have book five's test to do and submit.

I am currently working through the sixth and final book of the JET Beginner's Japanese Course. It moves too fast for me to keep up, but hopefully I will actually get something from it that will help me to continue pursuing my learning of the Japanese language.

I've seen some really beautiful sakura trees around, sometimes in large groups together. Makes me wish I carried a camera with me everywhere. There is this one place on the road between here and Shouwa. As you exit a tunnel coming back toward Taisho, there are five to eight sakura trees all lined up together to the right of the road. And I'm talking huge, fully blossomed trees in a beautiful, radiant pink.

I wish I could show people what I see every day. Like a JapanCam built into my sunglasses. Hmm, intriguing idea. I might patent that. :p

Hopefully I will be more proactive in taking pictures when we go to Osaka next week!



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