Sunday, 22 March 2009

Sakura Evolution WRX

Friday was a public holiday. In the afternoon, Michael and I decided to explore some of our area. There are actually a lot of roads that go in various directions, if you cross the river at any point. We did a circuit randomly out in the mountains, absorbing the nature that we encountered and enjoying the fine weather.

The sakura started coming out last week, so there are a few trees blossoming. The weather also suddenly got warmer. It has been raining a bit, but there is a noticeable increase in temperature and humidity. I guess it will soon be time to switch my A/C to cool.

Once again, I apologise for the poor quality of my keitai camera. I really should learn to bring my camera with me when I go anywhere.

The sakura are blossoming

Yesterday, we went into Kochi city. There was a used car bonanza across the road from Aeon mall that is only there for this three day weekend. I want to get a car, and I like cars, so we took a look. I will definitely get a car by Summer; it's just a question of what I decide on.

I saw three cars that I wouldn't mind having: A Honda Integra, a Honda Civic and a Subaru Impreza WRX (boy racer, much?). Guess my Skyline will have to wait, because they are just too expensive. I watched the Fast and the Furious last night. It makes me want to get a decent car and twink it out. XD

We went to Yamada Denki. The SD card I had got for my camera the other week was too fast for my old snapper, so I had to swap it over for a slower card. Once again, I stretched my limited Japanese language skills. I don't pretend to understand what people say to me. I usually just give them a blank, gaijin stare. :p

I'm kidding. I try and understand as much as I can, even if it involves gestures or drawing on a piece of paper. Because communication is more than simply speaking. ;)

Mikey and I went to see Dragonball Evolution at the movie theatre in Aeon mall. I enjoyed it. However, it was a little disjointed in its presentation: the synergy of the dialogue was a bit lacking. And it was rather esoteric, so any non-Dragonball fans would probably have been lost. But Chi Chi is hot, so go and see it anyway. XD


One more week until the big Osaka holiday commences.


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